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PUF plugs

We offer PUF plugs (PUF filters) for environmental air sampling with follow-up trace analysis.

Used density: 22,5 - 25,5 kg/m3, white (uncolored) batch without addition of milled calcite (in according to US EPA methodology TO-13).

We offer standard sizes of PUF plugs as well as custom size.

Standard sizes of PUF plugs are:

156 mm50 mm  Gravikon sampler
150 mm15 mm  Passive air sampling
110 mm50 mm  Digitel DH-77 sampler  (usually 2 pcs in tandem)
65 mm80 mm  Thermo Scientific GPS-1 sampler or
  Digitel DH-77 sampler equip with automatic PUF filters changer      
55 mm  100 resp. 50 mm    Leckel MVS-6 sampler  (1 resp. 2 pcs in tandem)
50 mm100 mm  ESM Andersen FH-95 sampler
  45 resp. 44 mm  100 mm  Leckel MVS-6 sampler used with glass cartridge
28 mm80 mm  Partisol sampler, model 2000 (Rupprecht & Patashnick)
25 mm100 mm  VAPS sampler (URG)
15 mm10 mm  ballast filter for sampling the work environment

PUF plugs